What Do Nerdy Guys Find Attractive? 15 Answers

5 Ways To Get A Girlfriend As A Nerd

For example, many people think a “bad girl” wears dark colors, but if you love pastels, you should wear pastels. Maybe a “bad girl” is supposed to wear makeup, but if you don’t want to, then you shouldn’t.

  • The ones where people do as much drinking and hanging out at the bar as listening to the slightly terrible local music.
  • Be right back, I have to call NASA and tell them I’m talking to the most beautiful thing in the universe.
  • It is a great way for nerds to find each other and find partners to discuss their favorite fandoms and other topics to geek out about.
  • Holding and rolling these heavy dice feels very satisfying.
  • Do this after you’ve spent some time together and know her fairly well, so this doesn’t seem awkward or unexpected.

Their valuable Valentine party favors set include 28 red heart cases and 28 valentine cards which feature 4 designs. These unique design mochi squishies are pre-filled into translucent plastic red heart shells with thick paper heart shaped valentine’s cards. A fun way to encourage social skill development by playing an exchange gift game and also a chance to express gratitude to your lover, soulmate in your life.

Don’t: Muddy the Waters with Jokes and Excessive Emotion

And co-ed sports teams/leagues provide the perfect opportunity to spend some time getting ‘hot and sweaty’ with beautiful, fun, athletic ladies. You never know how these types of social adventures will open up opportunities for you to meet new people—including potential dating partners. When deciding on things to do to expand your social circles, don’t just do things that you think will get you around women. So get out of your bedroom, start spending time around people, and practice expanding your social network. Case-in-point, you can meet women almost anywhere if you’re willing to keep an eye out and cultivate enough boldness to approach and engage.

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RHOM Cast Reacts To Lenny Hochstein’s Hot Mic Rant.

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If you already have Discord, it might be worth searching for some interest groups that are based around your city. To use the app, simply go to the site, create an account and search for relevant groups in your city. There’s also a mobile app for iOS and Android devices. Unfortunately, just like with nerd conventions, Medieval and Renaissance fairs don’t happen very often, and even when they do, they might not be held in your own city. Ask around, especially people active in the local arts scene.


In fact, it’s impossible to overstate the importance of finding and being someone kind and respectful — not only to us, but to others, even when things aren’t going their way. The wrong partner takes their bad day out on others; the right one exercises self-control and treats us well anyway. By showing empathy you show how much you care, at the end of the day, people need people in order to survive and thrive. A warm and kind hearted person goes through life reaping what they sow, and when it comes back it comes back tenfold. If you are an intelligent being be warm, friendly and playful, people will appreciate someone who is easy to get along with, who pays nice compliments and is genuine.

  • Show your friends that they can count on you when you’re in a tough spot.
  • As you read, slowly pronounce and deliver your words to entice your partner to hang on to each one.
  • If you can’t bring yourself to make the first move, stop wasting time reading this material right now and go get a library card.
  • But you are not those people….and they are not you.
  • Just be friendly and talk to people about music.

“Bringing a sapiosexual to a space that provides the opportunity to learn can be incredibly attractive ,” she says. Sapiosexual people are eager to learn new things. When you can show genuine enthusiasm or curiosity in their unique interests, sapiosexual people will be more inclined to let you in. Choose from serotonin, dopamine or a mixture of both love and happiness!

How to Ask a Girl Out Over Text Without Being a Creep

That kind of confidence and self-knowledge will cut through a lot of the unnecessary drama that often plagues relationships. What makes book clubs such a great place to meet nerdy and smart girls is that women generally read more than men, and this is reflected in book club demographics. In a 20 people book club, 5 Ways To Get A Girlfriend As A Nerd there are likely to be women. Sometimes we feel shy because we feel like the people around us are better than us. We think they look better or talk better or act cooler and we don’t walk to talk or bring attention to ourselves because then people will realize that we’re funny-looking or boring or weird.

  • Find Your Inner Nerd Day on August 23 is the brainchild of Your Nerdy Best Friend, Beth Z, who is a speaker, author, and proud nerd.
  • Nerds share certain interests and common ways of interacting with culture, but they also each have their own histories and baggage that they bring into the dating scene.
  • In fact, Vic and I met when I was so disheartened from a prior break-up, I wanted to hole up and eat Little Debbies ‘til the end of time.
  • Learn how to overcome anxiety, know what to say, & make attractive first impressions.
  • A cute card is inspired by the Legend of Zelda video game series.

Strength training will help you put on muscle while eating in a surplus. If you don’t do any exercise, your body will choose to store the extra calories as fat for later. As you can see, you can eat an extra 500 calories of “healthy fats” by eating lots of “heart-healthy” fats like nuts or adding more olive oil to your meals. Now, although eating ANY EXTRA calories from any source will result in weight gain, our goal is to gain the RIGHT kind of weight, in a healthy way. #7) Live longer – want to spend more time on Earth? Strength training and growing muscle will help you do just that. Being cute means looking and feeling your best.

Approach When She Looks Comfortable

Admit when you’re wrong, always seek to improve yourself, and don’t act like you’re God’s gift to women. For that matter, try not to be a Doctor Horrible either… least with all the killing bits.

Who is the alpha nerd?

Alpha geek is a slang term for the most tech savvy person within a group. Once identified, an alpha geek becomes the go-to for all problems, issues and advice when it comes to technology. An especially tech savvy alpha geek may be called a geek's geek or the head geek.

Because that’s the easiest way to start training with weights. “Staci that sounds great, but I’ve never strength trained before, and I don’t know what I’m doing…Halp!

Asking Girls Out

Impress the sapiosexual you want to turn on and commit to a long-term activity you can do together. Learn a new language or complete a DIY project—either way, their attraction will grow as they observe you building something from scratch or witness your aptitude to learn quickly. Afternoons in the shed can easily result in you two in bed. On your next date, be honest when you don’t know something. Your eagerness to learn more will be sure to turn on a sapiosexual, as well as the ability to flex their brain muscles on a topic they love. On Valentine’s day, it is so sweet to give your lover a card with your wishes inside.