Economic Development

Economic Development Strategy: 2016-2021

The Chapleau Cree First Nation 5-Yr. Economic Development Strategic Plan was developed by the community to serve as a guide for future development through the goals, objectives, and vision presented within the plan. By working within the framework of these goals and objectives and vision developed by the community, the nation will have the ability to make informed decisions related to the community.

The full text is available here.

Wahkotowin Development GP Inc

Mushkegowuk Development Corporation Profile

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Recent Community Achievements:

  • Golden Route purchased
  • Energy Planning project launched
  • Mechanic hired at Chapleau Cree Auto/Truck Repair
  • Funding for cultural programming

Helpful Links and Resources:

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For More Information:

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions related to Economic Development, please do not hesitate to contact the Band Office.

Office Address: 828 Fox Lake Road

Tel: 705-864-0784