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About Our Community

Chapleau Cree First Nation (Fox Lake Reserve) is situated 5 kilometres southwest of the town of Chapleau, Ontario. The dimension of the Fox Lake Reserve is approximately 2,560 acres or 10.36 square kilometres. Chapleau Cree First Nation is based at the bottom of the Arctic Watershed, where water flows north to the Hudson Bay.

The Fox Lake Reserve is approximately 12 kilometres from the Chapleau Crown Game Preserve, the largest crown game preserve in North America. The game preserve is of significant historical importance to the people of Chapleau Cree First Nation and their ancestors. There are two neighbouring First Nation communities located within a 11 kilometre radius, Brunswick House First Nation and Chapleau Ojibwe First Nation.

The original settlement of Chapleau Cree First Nation was on the Nebskwashi River, approximately 1.6 km east of the town of Chapleau. Although there were early settlers at this site, the land was of poor quality and the majority of band members chose to settle in the town of Chapleau.

In 1989, the Chapleau Cree First Nation negotiated with the Federal and Provincial governments and the local municipality for land to establish a permanent community. Chapleau Cree First Nation is currently situated on the Fox Lake Reserve. Since its conception many band members have returned to their community. Employment and infrastructure has increased over the years and the reserve now houses 30 homes, a senior’s residence (Mukeso House), Administrative Offices Band Complex (Isiah Saylor’s Complex), Health Centre, Public Works Garage, Water Treatment Plant, and the band owned Pimii Kamik Gas Bar.