The primary duties of the Chapleau Cree First Nation’s Administrative office are as follows but may include other related functions to ensure the timely delivery of all services on behalf of the Chief and Council to the membership of the CCFN.

  • Policy: Developing policies, procedures and bylaws for the review and approval of Chief and Council.
  • Financial: Financial management of the First Nation’s resources.
  • Council: Preparing materials and reports in support of band council operations.
  • Staff: Human resource management.
  • Government Relations: Managing agreements and relationships with other levels of government.
  • Community Relations: Maintaining an open, equitable and service oriented relationship between the community, the administration and the Chief and Council.
  • Planning: Assisting the Chief and Council with the design and implementation of physical development and strategic plans.
  • Practical Reserve Issues: Managing the community’s infrastructure and assets.
  • Management: Ensure the timely and proficient delivery and necessary reporting of all services as agreed upon between Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC) and the Chief and Council of the Chapleau Cree First Nation.