General Information

Status Cards

The new Secure Certificate of Indian Status Cards (SCISC) are currently being issued at the Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development of Canada (AANDC) headquarters office in Ottawa and at (AANDC) Regional offices.  At this point in time (AANDC) is not releasing any dates as to when the First Nations will be set up to process the new cards.  The current paper laminated cards are still valid until their expiry date.  More information on the new Secure Certificate of Indian Status can be accessed at AANDC Website.

Just a reminder that in order to obtain the new Secure Certificate of Indian Status Cards, all applicants must have a birth certificate, (short or long form); as well as two pieces of identification, one must have a photograph.

United States Border Security

The United States is continuing to honour the use of the “old” cards as a valid document to cross the border, by land or by water only. Please note that the transition period and extent of this flexibility is entirely at the discretion of the U.S. officials and we are unsure as to how long it will be in effect.

Treaty Annuity Payments
Once a year, Aboriginal Affairs Canada comes to Chapleau Cree First Nation to deliver the annual Treaty Annuity payment of $4.00 per registered member.  If you have not received your payment, you may apply for it by mail by completing the Treaty Annuity Payment Request Form available at AANDC Website.

*Please note that this form must be completed every year.  Send the form to the Ontario – North office in Thunder Bay.

Registration for Newborns
Newborn registrations are completed through the Membership Clerk at Chapleau Cree First Nation (CCFN).  In order to do so you must submit an original long form birth certificate which may be completed online at Online Certificate Application.  Submit the original birth certificate, along with the Statement of Parents to (AANDC) headquarters, regional office or to any First Nation for processing.

* See Attached PDF Statement of Parents at the Bottom of this Article (to print only)

Registration of New Applicants
Application for registration of new applicants can be found at the (AANDC) website.

Births, Deaths, Marriages & Divorces
It is important to keep this office informed of all births, deaths, marriages and divorces.  In order to register any of these, members must submit legal documents to support the changes.

Address Changes
Please ensure that you notify this office of your address change.

In order to share addresses with other departments within this office, it is important for all members to complete the Authorization for Release of Contact Information.

*See Attached PDF Authorization for Release of Contact Information at the Bottom of this Article (print only)

pdf image for downloads Authorization for Release of Contact Information
 pdf image for downloadsBill-C3-Info
 pdf image for downloadsStatement of Parents
 pdf image for downloadsTreaty Annuity Payment Request