Contingent liabilities: To report or not to report?

what is a loss contingency

In several reporting periods, HSG did not accrue any loss contingency despite entry into settlement agreements, submission of those agreements for court approval, and grants of preliminary approval by the court. But if chances of a contingent liability are possible but are not likely to arise soon, estimating its value is not possible.

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Corporate Communicator – Winter 2022-2023.

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Our experimental results also indicate that accrual decisions were influenced by the incentives faced by federal finance officials. These incentive effects were similar under the MLTN criterion and the Probable criterion, which is inconsistent with what is a loss contingency FASAB’s expectation that MLTN would be less subject to bias than Probable. The disclosure and acknowledgment of commitments and contingencies allow for overall organizational transparency, resulting in an increase in faith by relevant stakeholders.

Tax Payable vs. Deferred Income Tax Liability

Contingencies are potential liabilities that might result because of a past event. The likelihood of loss or the actual amount of the loss is still uncertain. Loss contingencies are recognized when their likelihood is probable and this loss is subject to a reasonable estimation. Reasonably possible losses are only described in the notes and remote contingencies can be omitted entirely from financial statements. Estimations of such losses often prove to be incorrect and normally are simply fixed in the period discovered.

  • “Probable” is described in Statement Number Five as likely to occur and “remote” is a situation where the chance of occurrence is slight.
  • You should re-evaluate contingencies each reporting period to determine whether your previous classification remains appropriate.
  • Subjects in the experiment were 151 federal finance officials who were attending a continuing education session sponsored by FASAB in 1999.
  • Our Standards are developed by our two standard-setting boards, the International Accounting Standards Board and International Sustainability Standards Board .
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Not surprisingly, many companies contend that future adverse effects from all loss contingencies are only reasonably possible so that no actual amounts are reported. Practical application of official accounting standards is not always theoretically pure, especially when the guidelines are nebulous. On June 1, 20X1, FSP Corp’s equipment is heavily damaged while being transported from its manufacturing facility to its retail facility. Due to the nature of the damage, FSP Corp determines that there is a total loss.

Statement of Federal Financial Accounting Standards Number 1, Accounting for Selected Assets and Liabilities

See Chapter 11, section B, for a detailed discussion of the budgetary and obligational treatment of loan and loan guarantee programs under the Federal Credit Reform Act. Financial StatementsFinancial statements are written reports prepared by a company’s management to present the company’s financial affairs over a given period .

When can a loss contingency be accrued?

Accrual of a loss contingency is required when (1) it is probable that a loss has been incurred and (2) the amount can be reasonably estimated. An entity must determine the probability of the uncertain event and demonstrate its ability to reasonably estimate the loss from it to accrue a loss contingency.